Best MP3 Players to Enjoy Your Favourite Music Wherever You Go in India

Review & Comparison, Last Update February 26, 2024
An MP3 player is an indispensable item for anyone who cannot live and breath, love and feel, laugh and smile, cry and weep without the accompaniment of the favorite music tunes that strike the chord with our very essence. Have a look at our review to find a suitable MP3 device that you can stock with all the songs you love and set the mood for every day and occasion. ...Read more ...Read less
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BEST 2024
Supported Formats
Battery Run Time

Fitness tracker function lets you watch the calories burn while you workout: choose the exercise type, set the beginning and end time of the training and see all of the necessary information on the screen.


The included earphones are not exactly the best.


This is the best MP3 player for active young people and travellers that can't imagine life without music. The sturdy IPx2 casing won't let you down even in the most extreme conditions.

detailed parameters
Supported Formats


Battery Run Time

Music playback time: Up to 16 hours

Recording time: Up to 20 hours


8 GB


1" white monochrome OLED, FM-radio, Smart recording (Voice or Fm-radio), Fitness Tracker function, Built-in sport clip, Water-resistant outer shell (IPx2 class), Removable earhook earphones, Neck strap, USB cable


2 years


3-minute quick charge function gives you a chance to enjoy your favourite music for 1.5 hours.


The player can't be hooked onto your clothes. 


The pocket-sized Sony NWZ-B183F will become your musical assistant wherever you go, be it school, work, or jogging.

detailed parameters
Supported Formats

MP3, WMA (Non-DRM)

Battery Run Time

Music playback time: Up to 20 hours


4 GB


3-line LCD display, FM radio, FM recording


1 year


The earphones are made with ergonomic siliconized hooks that provide a very comfortable and reliable fit on your ears. 3 sizes of Sportster ™ eartips allow you to choose the best one for your ear shape.


The charge runs low too quickly.


This model was created specifically for fitness enthusiasts who need motivating music for more productive training. Due to the built-in belt clip and Ear-Hook eartips, the player will provide a reliable fit even during vigorous workouts.

detailed parameters
Supported Formats


Battery Run Time

Music playback time: Up to 5 hours


No internal memory (4 GB microSD card included)


Built-in clip, USB cable, Earphones with siliconized hook and changeable eartips (3 sizes), Storage pouch, Earphone clip


6 months


The voice recorder function and built-in sensitive microphone allow you to record clear audio files. The Fm-radio recording function will help you to keep your favourite songs in memory.


It's a quite sizeable device.


If you need a versatile player allowing you to either listen to music or watch videos, make a choice in favour of this model. With up to 32 GB of memory, you'll be able to download dozens of films to enjoy on-the-go. 

detailed parameters
Supported Formats


Battery Run Time

Music playback time: Up to 12 hours


No internal memory (32 GB microSD card included)


1.8" colour LCD, FM-radio, Smart recording (Voice or Fm-radio), USB-cable, Earphones


14 months


You can choose an option with a built-in speaker that will be indispensable in case you'd like to share your favourite music with your friends. And despite its tiny dimensions, it's quite loud. 


No memory card in the package. 


Available in a wide variety of cute designs, there is a perfect option for kids and adults alike. And since this player is very straightforward with only 5 control buttons, just anyone will get the hang of using it.

detailed parameters
Supported Formats


Battery Run Time

Music playback time: Up to 8 hours


No internal memory (supports up to 16 GB microSD card - not included)


Built-in speaker, USB-cable, Earphones


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Transcend TS8GMP350B

Resistant to Damage and Great for Workouts

If you’re going to spend your day listening to music on a portable device it makes sense to get one of the best MP3 players available for the optimal sound quality. The Transcend TS8GMP350B is unmatched by the competitors with its variety of useful functions and top notch execution. Anybody that loves music will see immediately why this device is so wonderful and why it can be the perfect choice for you.

First off, the IPx2 casing on this model is extremely damage-resistant. Whether the player falls down, gets a bit of water on it or is shaken around in your pocket as you jog, the music will keep playing with no interruptions. Even if you decide to go hiking somewhere, you won’t have any issues, especially since the player can play music for up to 16 hours on a single charge.

The manufacturer clearly knows that this is the perfect model for active people as a fitness tracker function is included for your convenience. You can input the type of exercise you’re doing, set the time and watch the calories burn as you get a good workout in. This way you won’t need any extra accessories for your gym routine or jogging. Plus, you can hang the player using the included neck strap to keep it close to you and watch it freely during your workout.

Review of Transcend TS8GMP350B MP3 Player

Record Radio or Listen to Thousands of Songs

As with any Transcend MP3 player, this model provides great sound quality, playing MP3, WMA and WAV formats. All of these are the core formats that everybody uses and they provide good audio. The player even plays compressed MP3 files with stellar sound so you can save some space on those.

There is a whole 8 GB of built-in memory in this model, which is enough for more than 2000 songs. With a music library that big, you won’t get bored or have to listen to the same track over and over, just hit shuffle and get randomized tunes to lift your spirits all day long! However, do note that the earphones included with the purchase are really not the best and it would do you good to get a new pair to get the perfect sound quality.

The device also offers the option to record voice or radio with up to 20 hours available on a single charge. Just put on the FM radio on your player and press record to get any songs you like straight to your memory.

Overall, the Transcend TS8GMP350B is the best choice for an active music lover. The variety of extra features is enough for even the most demanding customer and the 2-year warranty will keep your mind free of worries, especially coupled with the super strong IPx2 casing. You can’t miss a wonderful gadget like this!

Transcend TS8GMP350B MP3 Player in the use

Additional Info



Sony NWZ-B183F

Take Your Music With You

If you’re always on the run and are looking for a simple and reliable MP3 player at the same time, consider the Sony NWZ-B183F model. Being as large as a lighter, it’s compact enough to fit snugly into your pocket so that you don’t even feel it's there. Although this music player supports only two formats (MP3 and WMA), they are the most popular ones so you can be sure you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite audio tracks. The device is furnished with the internal memory capacity of 4 GB that suffices for approximately 900 songs.

Note, that the player can run for up to 20 hours on a single charge. So, if you are contemplating a trip by a bus or by train, this device won't let you down! It will easily last and keep you entertained through the longest journeys. So, just charge your MP3 companion to the fullest and hit the road!

If you are in a hurry, then we believe you will be very pleased with its quick charge option! A 3-minute charge can provide you with 1.5-hour music playback. Quite a convenient feature if you can’t imagine yourself without music even for an hour. And those of you who prefer Drum’n’Bass will definitely appreciate Bass Boost function that ensures rich bass sound and allows you to feel every low note of a song you listen to.

Review of Sony NWZ-B183F MP3 Player

Nothing Better Than a Sony Walkman MP3 Player

If you get tired of the songs you've put onto the player, you can easily switch to listening to a radio thanks to the handy FM function. Moreover, if you hear a song that you like, you don't have to lose it among hundreds of others or rush to write down the lyrics so you can find it later. Sony has implemented a specialized tool that lets you record songs straight off FM radios. That way you get access to all-new tunes without the need to download them directly.

The only thing you should be warned about is that this model cannot be clipped onto your clothes. That makes it a suboptimal choice to use for joggers but if you have zip-up pockets you can just put the player inside and close them, which will keep the device safe in your jacket or pants while you’re out for a run. Thankfully, the earphone cord is long enough so you can put the player all the way down in your pant pocket without damaging the earphones which would hurt the sound quality.

Overall, you always know that you’re getting a high-quality MP3 player when you’re buying a Sony Walkman. This device will provide you with crisp music that will soothe your mind or get your blood pumping. Any genre will sound good through this nifty gadget, so don’t hesitate to purchase it.

Sony NWZ-B183F MP3 Player in the use

Additional Info

User Manual     Manufacturer


Xzor UrbanPlay Sportster EH98

Train with Style

If you're looking for a decent MP3 player without any complications for running or jogging, the Xzor UrbanPlay Sportster H94 MP3 may be right up your alley. It's a good-quality player with no extra frills to pay extra money for.

Actually, this model even has no functions like FM radio or Bluetooth, which we consider as a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can't be connected to a wireless headset, but on the other hand, you won't need to hassle with tiny knobs in this mini device to switch between different settings.

As just mentioned, the UrbanPlay Sportster has an ultra-mini size and looks ultimately edgy. Also, it's a fairly lightweight player that can be conveniently clipped on to your spots outfit, thus, freeing your hands and pockets. So, no matter whether you're playing your favourite sport, running outside, or lifting weights in the gym, the Xzor MP3 player will help you train in the most stylish and fun way possible.

With that, you shouldn't worry that the earpieces can somehow slip off during vigorous workouts since this model is designed with uber-comfy Ear-Hook eartips that will firmly stay right where they are expected to be. The Ear-Hook eartips come with silicone hooks and are flexible enough to suit all ear sizes and lodges. They are available in 3 sizes - S, M, and L.

Review of Xzor UrbanPlay Sportster EH98 MP3 Player

About Tech Specs

As we've noted above, it's a simple player without bells and whistles, so you shouldn't expect some extras like screen or video playback. This a straightforward MP3 player that can play only songs. However, the sound quality is good and clear.

The player comes with 4GB memory card included in the package. Therefore, you can transfer plenty of audio files from your PC or any other source right out-of-the-box. You can insert the memory card into your card reader or use a USB cable provided in the set. The same cable doubles as a charging cord that can be used with the mobile adapter or laptop.

Take note that there's no specific timing for how long to charge this player, like with most other devices with a very small battery. So, we would recommend changing it for 1 hour after every use. Even while it's charging, you can listen to your favourite tracks.

In all, this tiny device offers quite a lot for its money. It's actually one of the best players for your workouts. It's designed to impress with its striking design and excellent fit.

Xzor UrbanPlay Sportster EH98 MP3 Player in the use



Super Versatile Player

Would you like to get the most out of your money? If so, the VEYIINA NERO company offers you an excellent all-in-one gadget that comes at very reasonable costs. Actually, it can serve as an MP3 player, video player, e-Book, voice recorder, and FM transmitter.

To begin with, the main perk of the VEYIINA NERO player is obviously its 1.8" High-Resolution Real Color LCD Screen. The display is reasonably bright and vivid, so photos and videos get quite sharp and detailed.

Naturally, a screen on an audio MP3 player probably isn’t as important as the screen on your smartphone, but if you'd like to watch music videos on it while commuting or simply prefer looking at a high-resolution display, then this player might be a serious consideration for you.

Take note that this unit has no onboard memory but is compatible with SD cards up to 32GB, which is a fairly impressive capacity offering plenty of space for music, videos, photos, and even text documents. Since the player supports a vast variety of formats including MP10, WMA, WAV, AVI, JPEG, and e-novel, you can use it not only for MP3/MP4 playback but also for watching photos and reading books.

Review of VEYIINA NERO MP3/MP4 Player Versatile with a 32GB Micro SD Card, Support Photo Viewer, Mini USB Port 1.8 LCD, Digital MP3 Player

Choose What you Like

Moving on, we would like to emphasise that this versatile MP3/MP4 player supports USB2.0 high speed transmission with 1007K byte per second rate, meaning you can quickly transfer the music and the videos of your preference. And once you're done, you'll be able to select various play modes - Normal, Repeat All, Repeat Once, Random.

As for sound equalizer, you get seven options here - Natural, Soft, Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, and Heavy bass. Whatever setting you choose, sound quality will be really good with balanced volume levels. Also, the device supports a wide variety of languages, so the setup won't be a problem.

Last but not least, we would like to point out that this player has an FM radio function and is capable of recording voice if needed. And with all those nice inclusions, the player is small enough to fit into your pocket, purse, wallet, or a handbag.

The great versatility makes this portable MP3 player perfect for people who want a sophisticated, compact device that can do a bit more than just playing music.

VEYIINA NERO MP3/MP4 Player Versatile with a 32GB Micro SD Card, Support Photo Viewer, Mini USB Port 1.8 LCD, Digital MP3 Player in the use


Bashvale Premium MP3 Music Player

Budget-friendly Option

The Bashvale MP3 Player is one more product that is certainly worth your attention. It's a very reasonable choice for the unity of features and a low price. Actually, it costs a fraction of other big names but has quite a lot to bring to the table.

First of all, we would like to mention that it's a compact device with built-in TF Memory Card support. Naturally, it also supports standard SD cards with the capacity up to 16 GB. On average, this capacity is quite enough for about 800 music tracks of all bitrates (in MP3 format). You can use the SD card to transfer music files from your laptop or PC by using the Free SD Card reader (included in the set).

Take note that this player is compatible with both MP3 and WMA audio formats. In any format, you can expect a high-definition audio quality. The only slight gripe is the fact that this MP3 player needs frequent charging if you use it extensively. However, it works fine and plays well with a power bank. Hence, you can throw the power bank into your bag and enjoy uninterrupted music playback wherever and whenever you are.

Review of Bashvale Premium MP3 Music Player with Display, TF/SD Memory Card Slot + Earphone + USB Cable

Fun Designs

This MP3 player is incredibly small and convenient to use. Being approximately 2-cm wide and 4-cm long, it can easily go into any pocket or bag. Plus, it's designed with a comfortable clip to attach to your sports outfit when running, jogging, or doing yoga. The clip is made from durable plastic, while the body is metal with a nice tactile feel and sleek look.

But what really sells the product is the availability of different cute designs. For example, you can select bold Pink, Blue, Black, Silver, Green or fun Cartoon, Hello Kitty designs. The latter options will be particularly appealing for kids and youngsters. Having this cute accessory at hand, your little ones will be able to show off their individuality and sense of style.

In addition to that, you can choose a mini MP3 Player in Metal Finish with an LCD Display. Fitted with both touch-sensitive buttons and a bright screen, it's well readable and easy to use. Also, the manufacturer offers the option with the in-built speaker to let you enjoy music on-the-go. The speaker is tiny but surprisingly loud for its size.

As you see, Bashvale offers MP3 players just for everyone.

Bashvale Premium MP3 Music Player with Display, TF/SD Memory Card Slot + Earphone + USB Cable in the use


What Is an MP3 Player?

Music players have got through many changes over the past 30 years. From massive cassette to CD players and to their compact digital versions that can store thousands of songs, and all of them are in your pocket. No more are we limited to a specific audio format. Modern players can play back music in mp3, AAC, WMA lossy, FLAC, etc. and stream the radio. However, these are the basic functions that are not extraordinary and every model has them. 

The best mp3 player though allows a user to watch videos and images in JPEG, MPEG-4, WAV, AMV formats and more. It also supports TXT which turns it to an E-book; may have a pedometer to determine the distance you cover during your walks; and is sometimes made waterproof which means, if you are a swimmer, you can take it to the pool. Even if the housing is not water resistant, your mp3 player is pretty likely to support Bluetooth. Thanks to this handy option, you can use wireless headphones or workout earphones that can also be waterproof and listen to your workout playlist distantly. If a player supports Bluetooth, it can playback through any Bluetooth compatible device.

So, feel free to throw this user-friendly gadget into your pocket or clip on to your clothes and go jogging, working, or doing any other mundane daily tasks.  

Audiophiles might also be interested in purchasing a new wireless Bluetooth headset to enjoy a better sound quality and improve their audio listening experience.

What Features to Compare

Storage Type and Capacity

MP3 players can be divided into two groups: hard drive players and flash players. The letter ones use flash cards for storing the information while the former MP3s have hard drives for that. A hard drive device usually offers you a bit more storage space than a flash MP3. The memory capacity matters since the higher this index is, the more songs you can store. Modern players allow you to store from a few hundred megabytes to a hundred gigabytes and more. To decide what type will be the best for you, you should make some calculations. Usually, a 3-minute song requires about 3MB of space, so, if a player has 5GB memory, it will hold 1000-2000 songs. Calculate how many songs you need to carry around and calculate how much space you need, then buy an mp3 player with capacity at least slightly bigger than that, though in a nutshell, the more storage space you'll get the better. In case it is not enough for you, it is possible to extend the memory by using an SD card.

Sound Quality

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important criteria of a good MP3 player. Here, you should mostly pay attention to:

The bit rate. The higher it is, the more likely a song will sound like the original. The most common bit rates are 128, 160, 192, 256, and 320 Kbps.

Next, signal to noise ratio adds to the sound quality a lot. As a rule, a good index is from 80 to 90 dB, and the higher it is the clearer the sound will be.

As for the volume, it is measured in mW, and if you are going to listen to music on-the-go, consider buying the model with 15 mW and higher so that you could enjoy your playlist even in very noisy places.

Supported Formats

There is no doubt that all of these devices support MP3. But what if you have an audio in another format? When your player supports many different formats, you don’t have to waste time converting your music. So, we recommend looking for the model that supports as many formats as possible. Besides, some MP3 players can even play video, so you should know what files you will be able to run. It is better to take into account, though, that almost all mp3 players support MPEG-4 and AMV formats but these files should have a specific size (160 x 128, for example). So you can either convert video with specialized software or download video that has already been converted.

Usability & Extra Options

Convenient location of the buttons, intuitive interface, and extended battery life - this all makes the use of an MP3 player pleasant and effortless. We also paid attention to navigation through folders, volume control, and information about the current track on the screen. A shockproof and water resistant feature, camera or voice recording are the options that also have significant value for some users. Luckily today, there are a lot of different models on the market, so you can select the best model according to your preferences. Some models have built-in Bluetooth, thus allowing you to exchange your tracks with your friends or connect your device to a car stereo. If this sounds like the option you would like to have on your player, check it out too.


Q: What is an MP3 player anyway?
A: As you most probably know from your own experience, an MP3 player is a portable digital device intended for playing music and audio files stored in a built-in memory or a memory card and outputting the sound to your headphones. However, over the last few years, such devices have evolved from simple small MP3 players that support a few music formats equipped with minimalistic monochrome displays to versatile digital devices with a comprehensive support of sound formats, wireless connection, colour touchscreen, rich connectivity capabilities and other advanced features. These modern gadgets are often called DAPs (digital audio players) with no sharp distinction between the two.

Q: What is the difference between various MP3 player models?
A: While the basic functionality of playing back your music remains the same for all the MP3 players, they may significantly differ in advanced features. For the players, the number of supported file formats may range from mp3 and WAV to a list of all the popular lossy (i.e. mp3, OGG, AC3) and lossless (FLAC, ALAC, APE) formats, including the so-called high-resolution files (with 24 bit 192 kHz and higher sampling rate). Moreover, with powerful hardware, large screen and advanced software implemented latest MP3 players can play various video digital content, which turns some of them into best portable media players. Some models support voice recording, offer an SD/micro SD cards support in addition their built-in memory. The time you can listen to your music on a single charge or without replacing the battery also varies for different digital players depending on the battery used. With that, the best portable mp3 players offering 20 and more hours of continuous music listening. However, this parameter may be two times smaller for really high-quality MP3 players equipped with high-performance audio circuitry able to drive high-impedance headphones and delivering an outstanding listening experience.

Q: Why do I need an MP3 player when my smartphone can play audio?
A: Aside from a better portability, good MP3 players usually offer a better sound performance, thus making listening to your music more exciting. Another factor one needs to keep in mind is that using a separate player for your music prevents your smartphone battery from discharging much ahead of time.

Q: What are most common MP3 player use scenarios?
A: Though MP3 players are used mostly on the go, you can use these devices as analogue sound sources for your car or home stereo system. However, when connecting your music to an acoustic system keep in mind that you need to use an amplifier to drive your speakers as even the best quality MP3 players are designed to drive headphones only.

Q: What headphone/earphone types can I use with my MP3 player?
A: It really depends on the player output power, which usually is specified by the manufacturer. Though most of the modern earphones and headphones are easy to drive, the specified player output power may be higher than the actual one due to different factors. That is why we recommend judging the audio performance of a specific player with specific headphones only based on your personal listening.


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